Will I be able to order a custom size portrait? What will the price be?

Yes, of course! When placing your order, select the closest size available and then provide us with the exact size you would like in the comment box. The price will be calculated according to the closest size chosen.

How long will it take to receive my painting?

Depending on complexity and size, please allow our artists 7 business days to complete your painting after approval of the simulation (painting layout). If you need changes to your painting, it will take an additional 2-4 business days per modification. Our portrait artists will ship the completed and approved oil paintings directly to the address indicated by you in the order form. The shipping time will be 12-14 business days for framed orders and 3-5 business days for unframed orders. There is a 3-5 business days express shipping option available also for framed orders. Please ask our customer service team for rush shipping options if you require a faster shipping. The oil paints used to create your painting must be dry as precondition. This drying process can take a couple of days before the painting is ready to be shipped. Framing the painting will also add additional turnaround time of 2 business days. If you need your portrait painting or oil painting reproduction faster, please contact us to discuss the options or select the express service option during checkout. Very complex and large paintings may take a bit longer.

What can I do if my photograph is not in digital format?

Please, take your photograph to a local copy shop and have it scanned. Optionally, you can provide us with a "photo of photo", a digital photo of your hardcopy photograph. You could even send your hardcopy photographs to our address through regular mail.

What can I have painted?

We will turn any photo of your choice into a beautiful portrait. For example, photos of your kids, your wedding, parents, grandparents, pets, sports cars, events, etc. If you seek a high quality replica of a famous painting, simply send us the name or a photo of it, and we can help. We also do portrait paintings in many different styles, such as Lichtenstein, Warhol, Pop Art and Retro. Just upload the photo you'd like painted and a sample of the style type you selected, and we will create your painting out of it. Our free photo editing makes a lot of creative ideas easy to realize. We are able to change the background of your photo or bring back to life old black and white photos. Also, photo montage is offered for free. We can make one combined painting out of several of your favorite photos. People, animals or objects can be eliminated or added. Hair-style, backgrounds and clothing colors can be altered, shadows can be removed and more! Our artists can merge images from different photos to make a single painting.

What is the material of your frames?

We offer you the best frames in the industry. All of our frames are heavy premium wooden frames. Some frames are coated depending on the type. We don't offer low quality and very light plastic frames as many of our competitors do. Please make sure to consider this fact when comparing prices.

When do I pay for my portrait?

We believe that you should see the quality of your portrait before paying for it. We ask that you pay only 15% of the price at the time of ordering. When the portrait is completed, we will e-mail you a photo of the portrait. You will then pay the balance only after you are completely satisfied, and before we ship the custom art. The deposit is refundable for oil paintings only.

Who are your Artists? sources paintings from well-tested, high caliber independent artists. All artists are strictly supervised by our senior quality control staff. We have tested over 350 of the most experienced and best portrait artists, and we are happy to announce that we will only assign worldwide elite artists, the best in the profession to paint for you! Our artists will ship your painting on our behalf directly to you. This procedure saves time and makes it possible for us to provide customers with our market leading turnaround time.

What is the express service option during checkout? And what is its advantage?

We provide an industry leading turnaround (time frame) for standard orders. But if your order is very urgent you can select the express service option and we will treat your order as urgent for an additional 15%. There are two queues for the ordered portraits to be made. For standard orders the service is based on first come first serve and usually it takes some time to wait in line. The production line for the express service is shorter and the painting/drawing process will be started faster. The painting/drawing qualities, the paints, the materials and the artists used are the same for the express service. The express option does not influence the shipping duration, however, if required, an express shipping option can be offered.

When is your annual vacation?

Our Studio will be closed for our Annual Vacation during January 29th to February 10th. Customer service will be available but not the artists.